Our Services

Restoration Services

Depending on the situation, ring and jewellery restoration involves different steps including the initial diagnosis of the current state of your jewellery and then determining what it will take to achieve your goals.  We are able to restore just about any gold or silver jewellery (and others) and are happy to provide a free analysis while you wait.  We work 1-on-1 with you so that you know exactly what we are doing with your precious items.

We Buy Gold & Silver

Do you want to sell your old gold or silver jewellery, or broken jewellery?
We here at the Jewellery Clinic want to purchase your unwanted jewellery, gold, and silver! Since we are a direct manufacturer and workshop, we can offer you the BEST prices at all times.  No middlemen who don’t understand purity and have inferior testing equipment!  We purchase precious metals and gems from you at the very best rates to ensure that you get a fair value – you won’t find better anywhere else! We also keep a live updated price for Gold and Silver posted on our website. We are Vancouver’s best Gold Buying and Selling establishment.

Polishing Service

Jewellery clinic’s expertly-trained jewellers take the time to carefully examine your jewellery in order to determine the work that needs to be done, and we can ensure a deep lustre and shine restored once again just as you remember it new with a quality polish.  This removes oxidation and impurities that affect the shine and brings it back looking amazing again.

Chain Soldering / Welding

This is a delicate matter, as there are countless shapes, forms, and thicknesses of jewellery.  We deal with each piece according to its repair needs – whether it be with the process of soldering or laser welding for the finer type of chains.  We can reduce or increase the length, repair all types of chains as new again.  We will also clean and de-oxidize your gold chains so that they sparkle.

Stone Replacement

With an infinite access to gems worldwide,  we provide the most appropriate match in colour, cut, clarity, and carat this assuring the closest appearance to the original look of your original jewels.  We ensure that the end result is as good or better than what you had before, and clean and polish to produce something that you’ll be proud to wear.

Retipping damaged prongs / claws

With the latest laser weld technology available we provide to our clients a repair service that required very delicate work, and is necessary in order to eliminate any possibility of loss of a precious stone. Our expert technicians can inspect and advise you on the condition of all stone settings. This procedure is offered to our clients at no cost and we suggest it is done annually in order to eliminate any grief from loss of gems.

Gold Repairs | Silver Repairs & Platinum

In our lab we utilize the newest techniques and procedures with our goldsmith in order to accommodate the proper use of state-of-the-art equipment and materials. With ongoing training on the latest methods, our team members are able to provide you the best possible craftsmanship, carried out in a timely fashion and at a low cost to you with the latest equipment in the industry.  That’s the advantage of dealing direct with the Jewellery Clinic!

Ring Engraving Services | Jewellery Engraving

We can expertly engrave your fine gold jewellery (rings, etc.) here in our shop to your exact specifications.  Create timeless memories and personalize your jewellery unique to you and your loved ones.  Engraving consists in inscribing words or symbols permanently into the metal. It is possible to engrave any inscription; however, it depends on the space available.  We are happy to examine your rings or other jewellery while you are here with us and determine if the type of engraving you want can be achieved or not.  Often, it can, and we can make it happen for you at a price you will be delighted by.

Rediscovering Older Jewellery

With the assistance of one of our goldsmiths you will be able to rediscover your old jewellery in a way that they will accommodate your fashion preference, lifestyle or convert for every day use, so you don’t have to hide your old jewellery in a box – you can enjoy your old jewellery once again.

Insurance Replacement

At Jewellery Clinic, we are experts in insurance replacements or insurance claims.  We understand the needs of the client, and the traumatic moment that has occurred – we focus on the total satisfaction of the customer to replace the piece of jewelry lost, and by having our own workshop to design and manufacture, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our experience and reputation speaks for itself.

Watch repair

Jewellery Clinic is not only experts in all types of watch repairs, but we specialise in all watch services. We are a relatively small family run business but with a worldwide reputation for excellence and value. Our Watchmakers know that the only thing better than owning a great watch is having your watch serviced by master technicians so that it always runs like new and looks fantastic.

Ring Re-Sizing Services

We are experts in all forms of jewellery re-sizing and can often do it while you wait, one on one with us.  In the case of re-sizing a ring, jewellers traditionally use a very fine saw. They open the body of the ring, and using tweezers, they bring the two separate parts of the body of your piece together.  We also perform enlargements and remove or add new links if needed – Whatever your goals are, we can make it happen at the Jewellery Clinic!

3D Fine Jewellery Design | Custom Jewellery

We can make your dream become a reality with our customized design service – whether its a custom engagement ring or other type of jewellery creation, our custom jewellery resource saves you time AND money, and will meet all your jewellery needs.  Because we are a workshop, your rings and other items are created right here in our shop – we DON’T send them anywhere, so you can feel safe knowing that no 3’rd parties handle your precious gems and we are transparent through the process at all times.  You save money, and we create your jewellery to YOUR exact specifications.  Come experience the difference!

Rhodium Plating

We are experts in Rhodium plating services and have helped hundreds of clients throughout the lower mainland restore that brilliant shine to their jewellery. The brilliance of white gold is a factor in enhancing white stones that sit upon it.  You’ll be amazed with the end result!

Arthritic/ Adjustable Shanks

Adjustable Shank / Arthritic Ring Shanks – open wide to go over enlarged, swollen, or arthritic knuckles easily, then close and lock securely for a safe and comfortable fit. These shanks are available in a wide variety of widths, styles and all finger sizes, in 14K yellow or white gold and platinum, to replace the conventional shanks of lady’s and men’s rings. These shanks need to be used for several reasons by certain people.  We can help you choose what works best for you.

Jewellery Appraisals

Our business is to accurately document and determine the current market value of diamonds, gemstones and all types of gold, platinum, or silver jewelry, no matter how old or new they might be. Determining the current market value of your gems and jewelry is the only way you can be sure your insurance is adequate to cover them against loss, theft or damage.  You can be confident of an accurate appraisal that we’ve done for you.

Reproduction re-invented Service

Reproducing a piece of jewellery varies according to the nature of the jewellery and how it was made.  Our expert technicians can assess what it will take to make and reproduce what you are looking for, and accurately complete the task so that you are 100% satisfied with the end result.