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1. Diagnosis *

2. Restoration

Depending on the situation, restoration involves different steps.

Soldering consist in assembling two parts of a jewel. Using a blowlamp, the jeweller brings a metal to a very high temperature. This metal part will be serving as a bond. Upon completing the soldering step, the jeweller will submerge your jewel in a bath of acid to eliminate any oxidation.

Reshaping : the jeweller restores your jewel’s original shape using a boxwood mallet setting has to do with the jewels adorned with stones. This is one of the most meticulous and delicate steps.

It is often necessary to redo the prongs and bezel to create a secure setting for the stone. Three types’ of setting refers to a style whereby the stone is complety surrounded by metal. The claw setting refers to a style whereby the metal prongs are bent over the stone to hold it securely in place. The beaded setting involves lifting tiny shavings of metal, bending them over the stone and rounding them off.

Applying a component: the jeweller adds or replaces an element of your jewel then solders it.

Stringing pearls for a pearl necklace or bracelet.

3. Polishing *
5. Rhodium plating *
4. Cleaning *
6. Technical and aesthetic control *

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