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March 19, 2019




No. The quote is free and without commitment. In the quote, we will explain the details of the jewellery you have in mind along with the costs. We will recommend options that best matches what you have in mind. With this information as a starting point, we can further consider different metals and gems, or alter your design to ensure we give you the best results within the budget you choose.
Absolutely. In fact, we need your participation in order to give you the best result. If you clearly know what you want, we will design it following your instructions. If you have a vague idea of what you like, we will be happy to guide you to further shape it into something you love.
The time needed for custom work ranges, depending on the complexity of the piece. In general, please allow for 30 to 40 days so that we can check in with you during the production process and make any changes should they be necessary. This ensures that your custom jewellery is finished just as you imagined it.

That being said, on very rare occasions, we have delivered some ‘very rushed’ orders. Our record time is three days after the first contact.
White gold items are rhodium plated to make them reflect and shine like chrome Occasional rhodium plating is required to return the new white colour.
Yes, you can! Although our security and insurance prohibits customers from being in the repair area, our goldsmiths are visible through the glass or via a Wi-Fi camera installed on each repair station. There is no hiding or secrets, we are fully transparent with our customers.
Knuckles are usually larger than the base of the finger. Rings need to be sized to get over the knuckle. There are various ways to solve the problem. Drop by the store to discuss the options.
We recommend twice a year. There is no charge to clean and check your jewellery.
Ring tips that secure the gems. No one wants to lose their gemstones. The claws that secure a gem, wear down or break off. They need to be checked often and replaced occasionally.
Deal with a reputable jeweller that you trust. Also we will check the jewellery together, before and after.
If an item is say, 18kt gold that means 18 parts out of 24 must be pure gold (bout 75%), the remaining 25% are other metals that are added to colour the item or improve its properties like hardness or malleability. Gold is a pure metal and you won’t be allergic to gold, however, you might be allergic to the other compounds which are added to the gold. The lower the karat of the gold the greater is the amount of other metals that are added. The likely culprit of your allergy is nickel.
We have a special tool to safely and painlessly cut through the ring while its on your finger. We do not charge for this service. Best not to keep trying your self as you will make your finger swell even more.
Minor repairs yes. In fairness to all, repairs are completed in the order they come in. If you require “rush service” we will try to accommodate you within two hours at an additional charge.