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Restoration Services

Depending on the situation, ring and jewellery restoration involves different steps including the initial diagnosis of the current state of your jewellery and then determining what it will take to achieve your goals.  We are able to restore just about any gold or silver jewellery (and others) and are happy to provide a free analysis while you wait.  We work 1-on-1 with you so that you know exactly what we are doing with your precious items.

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We Buy Gold & Buy Silver

Do you want to sell your old gold or silver jewellery, or broken jewellery?
We here at the Jewellery Clinic want to purchase your unwanted jewellery, gold, and silver! Since we are a direct manufacturer and workshop, we can offer you the BEST prices at all times.  No middlemen who don’t understand purity and have inferior testing equipment!  We purchase precious metals and gems from you at the very best rates to ensure that you get a fair value – you won’t find better anywhere else! We also keep a live updated price for Gold and Silver posted on our website. We are Vancouver’s best Gold Buying and Selling establishment.

Gold Repairs | Silver Repairs & Platinum

In our lab we utilize the newest techniques and procedures with our goldsmith in order to accommodate the proper use of state-of-the-art equipment and materials. With ongoing training on the latest methods, our team members are able to provide you the best possible craftsmanship, carried out in a timely fashion and at a low cost to you with the latest equipment in the industry.  That’s the advantage of dealing direct with the Jewellery Clinic!

Ring Engraving Services | Jewellery Engraving

We can expertly engrave your fine gold jewellery (rings, etc.) here in our shop to your exact specifications.  Create timeless memories and personalize your jewellery unique to you and your loved ones.  Engraving consists in inscribing words or symbols permanently into the metal. It is possible to engrave any inscription; however, it depends on the space available.  We are happy to examine your rings or other jewellery while you are here with us and determine if the type of engraving you want can be achieved or not.  Often, it can, and we can make it happen for you at a price you will be delighted by.

Ring Re-Sizing Services

We are experts in all forms of jewellery re-sizing and can often do it while you wait, one on one with us.  In the case of re-sizing a ring, jewellers traditionally use a very fine saw. They open the body of the ring, and using tweezers, they bring the two separate parts of the body of your piece together.  We also perform enlargements and remove or add new links if needed – Whatever your goals are, we can make it happen at the Jewellery Clinic!

3D Fine Jewellery Design | Custom Jewellery

We can make your dream become a reality with our customized design service – whether its a custom engagement ring or other type of jewellery creation, our custom jewellery resource saves you time AND money, and will meet all your jewellery needs.  Because we are a workshop, your rings and other items are created right here in our shop – we DON’T send them anywhere, so you can feel safe knowing that no 3’rd parties handle your precious gems and we are transparent through the process at all times.  You save money, and we create your jewellery to YOUR exact specifications.  Come experience the difference!

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The staff at Jewellery Clinic are highly trained and certified professionals. They have 20+ years of jewellery experience, and are accredited by the Diamond Council of America. Feel free to stop by and ask about our Custom Jewellery Design, Jewellery Repair, or Buying and Selling your gold, silver, and diamonds.

Credited By Diamond Council of America

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